Sports Data

Sports Data

Sports data is at the core of the Fans United platform

Long story short ...

Fans United utilizes sports data everywhere. It’s literally in every feature: user interests, reporting, predictions, comments with rich data snippets, etc. We have already mapped different data providers and provide the data in different languages, so it’s extremely easy for you to use.

ID providers

Each entity in our platform (a player, team, competition, etc.) has its own, native identifier. However, we have also connected this ID with the same entity in other data providers platforms. This way we know that Cristiano Ronaldo who has a native ID “fb:p:43400” in Fans United, in Enetpulse has an ID “30893“ and in Sportal365 has an ID of “3400“. By specifying the “id_provider“ attribute all data will be returned with the desired IDs.
Why does it matter? Let’s say that you have a data provider Enetpulse and a page dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo. This means that you can seamlessly include widgets and data from the Fans United platform by using your own IDs, not needing to map in any way with our platform. This greatly reduces integration times.


All sports data is available in English, Bulgarian and Romanian. If the data is requested in say Bulgarian and a particular translation is not available, the platform will fallback to English and always return a result.
Other languages can be imported on demand.

Football data

We expose football data for the following entities: countries, competitions and their participants, players, teams and their squads, past, live and upcoming matches with stats, lineups and event timeline.

Other sports

Other sports will soon be part of the platform, starting with tennis and moving to other sports based on their global interest. If you need a particular sport added to the platform, drop us a line.


Our current data provider is Enetpulse.
Yes, you should have a subscription with Enetpulse. If you don’t let us know and we will put you in touch.
We 100% mapping with Enetpulse, 100% with Sportal365 and partial support for SportRadar (countries and competitions).
Currently we do not expose historical data like previous seasons, old statistics, etc. The goal of the platform is to increase user engagement, that is why we focus on live and upcoming events, since they drive the most engagement.