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Fans United offers a diverse set of engagement solutions, customized for sports media, betting operators, football clubs, and more.

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Flexibility at the Heart of the Platform

Flexibility is embedded in Fans United's DNA. Our features naturally come together, crafting solutions that seamlessly adapt to your specific use cases.
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Solutions for Sports Media

Explore how Fans United can enhance your sports website or app. Our features, combined with the headless nature of the platform, can offer you new ways to captivate your audience, provide valuable insights, and unlock monetization potential.

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WordPress Solution

Experience effortless integration with our WordPress plugin. It allows you to harness the full power of Fans United features directly within your WordPress website. This turn-key solution ensures a swift implementation, enabling clients to be up and running within a day.


Betting Solutions

Flexibility is embedded in Fans United's DNA. Our features naturally come together, crafting solutions that seamlessly adapt to your specific use cases.

For Betting Operators

Discover how Fans United can help betting operators convert non-paying users into paying customers. Our platform sits at the top of the conversion funnel, leveraging engaging features to captivate users and prepare them for the next step in their betting journey.

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For Betting Affiliates

Use Fans United to supercharge your betting affiliate strategy. Our platform offers powerful tools that engage your audience and guide them towards becoming valuable customers for your partnered betting brands. 

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Solutions for Football Clubs & Federations

The Fans United platform offers a unique opportunity for clubs and federations to connect with their fans through interactive games, engaging content, and personalized experiences, fostering a deeper and more lasting connection with their supporters.

not in sports?

Solutions for Non-Sports Publishers

Fans United provides a set of features that will cover the engagement needs for your non-sports brand.

Trivia Games

You can create simple trivia games for your users, such as “What happened earlier?”, “Which is bigger?”, “Who has more?” and so on.


Allow users to discuss any content, game, event and so on, thus fostering a sense of community, facilitating engagement, and encouraging meaningful interactions.

Loyalty Features

Elevate user engagement by offering incentives like points and badges for taking part in trivia games and sparking discussions, creating a vibrant and interactive community.


Registration now comes with benefits. Users can unlock rewards, exclusive features, and a personalized journey by utilizing an authentication system of your choice.

Custom Interests

Give your audience the freedom to personalize their profiles with a wide range of interests, from beloved pop culture icons to their favorite hobbies and more.

Reports & Insights

Gain insights into user behaviors, preferences, and interactions with in-depth reports covering every aspect of your users' engagement.

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Custom Development

At Fans United, we're flexible and ready to meet your unique requirements. Our skilled team can develop custom solutions tailored to your exact needs, ensuring our fan engagement platform caters to your vision.

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