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Instantly Deploy Fans United on a WordPress Website

Enhance your WordPress website with Fans United's seamless integration - engage, entertain, excel!

Turnkey solution

Up and Running in Less Than a Day

Experience effortless integration with our WordPress plugin. It allows you to harness the full power of Fans United features directly within your WordPress website. This turn-key solution ensures a swift implementation, enabling clients to be up and running within a day.

Endless options


Our highly configurable WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly match your brand. Every feature can be customized to reflect your brand's identity, ensuring a native and engaging experience for your audience.

Configure Branding

The Fans United WordPress plugin offers extensive configuration options for backgrounds, colors, borders, and more. This allows you to seamlessly align our functionality with your brand's aesthetics.

Configure Labels

We also offer the flexibility to customize every label, allowing you to tailor the user experience and translate the plugin as needed. Additionally, our plugin supports multi-lingual websites.

do not leave wordpress

Create Games from WordPress Admin Panel

You don't need to leave the WordPress admin panel in order to create games. The plugin exposes functionality that does not require you to go to the Fans United Management Panel.

No Third-Parties​

Experience true WordPress integration without the need for third-party plugins. Our Fans United plugin seamlessly extends your website's capabilities, adding native WordPress functionality, including custom Gutenberg blocks and native WP options. Enjoy a streamlined experience with no third-party dependencies.
compatible with other plugins

Sync with WordPress

When a user registers for a Fans United account, they are seamlessly synchronized as a native WordPress user. This synchronization ensures that all WordPress functionalities, including comments and other WordPress-dependent plugins, function seamlessly, offering your users a unified and integrated experience.
you don't need the users?

Anonymous Mode

Simplify user engagement by enabling Anonymous Mode in the Fans United WordPress plugin. No registration will be required. Users just get instant interaction.

Everything Works

In Anonymous Mode, the Fans United WordPress plugin offers the same engaging experience while adding a layer of convenience. Users can participate in games without registering, simply leaving their email for prize notifications if they win. It's interaction made easy!

Lead Generation

Anonymous Mode isn't just about convenience; it's a powerful lead generation tool. By encouraging users to leave their email when participating, you'll steadily build a valuable database of potential leads. This opens up new avenues for targeted marketing and personalized engagement, allowing you to nurture these leads into loyal users.

you get everything!

All Fans United Functionality

The Fans United WordPress plugin unlocks the complete range of engagement features for clients. Your users gain access to prediction games, competitive challenges, and more. Additionally, you have the freedom to brand specific games with sponsors, opening up exciting monetization avenues from day one.

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