Solutions for Football Clubs & Federations

Solutions Tailored for Sports Clubs & Federations

Elevate your club's or federation's fan engagement efforts with our versatile solutions. Boost fan loyalty, foster growth, and maintain a leading edge in the digital sports landscape.


Revolutionizing Fan Engagement

Discover how our comprehensive solutions empower football clubs and federations to redefine fan engagement. Elevate the matchday experience, drive fan loyalty, and unlock new opportunities for bonding with the sport.
Prediction Games

Top X & Match Quizzes

Dive into the world of interactive and thrilling prediction games with Fans United’s Top X and Match Quizzes. These engaging features allow users to unleash their sports knowledge, compete with peers, and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Prediction Games

Custom Prediction Games

Host friendly competitions, such as predicting match scores for an entire month or guessing top goalscorers throughout a season. Reward outstanding performers with unique team merchandise to amplify the thrill.


Voting Features

Turn users into active participants on match days.

Player of the Match

Empower your users with the 'Player of the Match' feature, letting them decide the standout performer in any match by casting their votes. Ignite engagement, spark debates, and celebrate talent, enhancing the interactive match experience for your fanbase.

Player Ratings

Enable users to rate player performances in any match by using 'Player Ratings,' with scores ranging from 1 to 10. Encourage engagement, capture fan sentiments, and stimulate match discussions. It's your fanbase's voice in every game.


Trivia Games

Craft captivating quizzes that delve into your rich history, memorable moments, and more. Keep your users entertained, informed, and connected to your federation through thrilling trivia challenges.

Fan-Powered Conversations


Foster dynamic conversations among your userbase with the Discussions feature. Empower your community to interact, share insights, and build connections around your team’s latest developments. This cultivates a sense of belonging and loyalty.


Loyalty Features

Fans United offers an array of loyalty features designed to elevate user dedication and strengthen their bond with football.


Whether it's making predictions or actively participating in discussions, every action adds to the user's points.


Customize tiers to transform point accumulation into a compelling loyalty system, motivating users to strive for higher levels.


Recognize users' achievements related to their beloved teams with badges, fostering a sense of belonging and pride within your community.

External Rewards

Reward users for actions beyond Fans United, such as making purchases in your fan store or checking in at the stadium.

Private Leagues

Enable users to establish private leagues for head-to-head competitions within your platform, reinforcing the sense of community.

Success Rates

Identify and reward your most dedicated and knowledgeable users through success rates, building lasting and meaningful relationships."

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Custom Development

At Fans United, we're flexible and ready to meet your unique requirements. Our skilled team can develop custom solutions tailored to your exact needs, ensuring our fan engagement platform caters to your vision.

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