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Convert Engagement into Revenue

Fans United's specialized solutions for betting operators focus on turning engaged users into paying customers.

What are our features all about?

We Sit on Top of Your Conversion Funnel

When it comes to elevating your user acquisition, our platform offers a unique vantage point, perched right at the top of your conversion funnel. This position grants you invaluable insights into user behavior and preferences, which can be leveraged to target potential customers effectively.

Entertain Your Users​

Free-to-Play Prediction Games

With Top X, Match Quizzes, and Custom Games, captivate and entertain your users while reinforcing your brand's presence. Seamlessly integrate your betting products and strategically offer brand-tied rewards, like bonuses, to amplify engagement and conversions. Elevate the user experience, foster brand loyalty, and achieve meaningful results.


Interests & Activities

Unlock the potential of personalization with User Interests. This feature empowers your users to define their interests, whether it's favorite teams, competitions, players, or specific topics they're passionate about. By understanding their preferences, you can curate tailored content, ensuring that every interaction with your platform feels unique and meaningful to your audience.

insights & reports

Collect First-Party Data & Analyze Users

Through Interests & Activities, along with data derived from our free-to-play prediction games, you can perform in-depth analysis of user behavior. Utilize these insights to curate precisely tailored content and experiences, fueling user engagement and driving conversion rates.

Boost User Engagement with Interactive Social Features

Social Play

Elevate user experiences with fun and social features. Private Leagues, Discussions, and User Feed are your tools to entertain, connect, and amplify user engagement.

Private Leagues

Encourage your users to unleash their competitive side. They can create exclusive competitions and invite friends for exciting showdowns, fostering both user engagement and a tight-knit community.


Ignite meaningful conversations and user engagement. Discussions allow users to freely share thoughts, opinions, and insights on diverse topics, from sports matches and events to individual bet slips and more.

User Feeds

With the upcoming User Feed, your users can follow and stay updated on the predictions and activities of their fellow enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and shared excitement.

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