Gain an incredible insight into your user base

Long story short ...

Using our reporting feature, you can gain incredible insights into your user base. You can see breakdowns by country, gender, favorite teams, players and competitions as well as most followed users. You can see average user activity and per feature analysis.

Reports for users

Besides the total number of users, you can see breakdown of their acquisition by day, week, month or a year. You can further break them down by country or by gender.
That way you can analyze things like user acquisition trends after major events. For example, you can see how many new users you gained in the United Kingdom after two English teams played in the Champions League final and how does this compare to last year’s final when there were no English teams involved.

Reports for football entities

You can see which are top 100 most followed teams by your users. You can of course specify a time-frame and compare with a previous period to see how things have been changing. This of course applies not just for teams, but players and competitions as well.

Reports for favorite sports

This reports shows you how many fans each sport has in your user base. Naturally, you can compare periods to see how things have been changing.

Reports for average user activity

This report will give you insight into the average activity of your users. You can see things like average number of teams, players and competitions followed as well as average number of sports and other users.
You can of course compare this data from different periods. This way you can track the engagement of your user base over time or after major real-life events.

Platform consumption reports

Naturally, you get detailed reports of your platform usage. This includes number of requests, breakdown by API, latency data and much more.