User Profiles

User Profiles

Allow your users users to show their sports identity

Long story short ...

The profile feature extends the Authentication one by allowing your users to specify their interests and personal information. Based on this data, you can customize their experience. Users can follow teams, players, competitions, other users, mark favorite sports or subscribe to custom entities that you create. All interests data is available in the form of reports for you to analyze, giving you incredible insight into your own user base.


What is an interest? For us, interest is a combination of a few things: a source, a type and a unique identifier. Behind this data sits a football player, competition, or anything custom you decide. Interests also have a favorite flag, so your users can distinguish between, say teams they want to keep up with and their favorite teams. The source is usually one of our internal systems: e.g. football, profile, sport. Then comes the type. The type depends on the source. For example, if the source is football, your types can be player, team or competition. If it’s sport, then you only have sport as a type. The last component is ID. This is usually the identifier in our platform. So, an interest with a source football, type player and ID fb:p:43400 is a someone called Cristiano Ronaldo. A source sport, with type sport and ID boxing means that the user follows the sport of Boxing. You can also specify your custom interests, using the custom source. Then, you are free to define your own type and ID to mean anything in your platform.


Yes, using the custom source, you can specify any type and ID to mean anything you need.
We are not limiting the number of interests a user can add.
These are the available sports the platform currently supports: football, cricket, field-hockey, tennis, volleyball, table-tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, golf, athletics, formula-1, boxing, ice-hokey, american-football, mma, motogp, badminton, cycling, snooker, gymnastics, handball, wrestling, horse-racing, weight-lifting, chess, squash, biathlon, winter-sports, martial-arts, water-sports, shooting, rally, rhythmic-gymnastics
Currently no, but if you are missing a sport, contact us and we will add it for you.