Fans United Pricing

Fans United operates on a flexible business model. You get all the features and we will charge you for the number of requests you make to the platform.

Our Plans

For growing websites & apps
  • All features
  • 100 million requests
For big, established websites & apps
  • All features
  • 200 million requests
For enterprise clients
Contact us for a quote
  • All features
  • Unlimited requests

We only count requests that reach our origin servers and not the ones served by CDN. Check the FAQ section below for more details.


Each request you make to the platform is being counted and the client is being billed for it. That being said, there are 2 types of requests:
   – Served from CDN (Cloudflare)
   – Served from origin (Fans United)
You are not being billed for cached requests served by Cloudflare. You are only being billed for requests processed by our origin APIs. In the Management Portal, there are reports for the client platform consumption (a breakdown by API, response codes, time, etc). The numbers you will be seeing there come directly from the Cloudflare reports.
In short, this means that you might make 130 million actual requests, of which only 35 million reach our servers. In this case the Pro plan will be more than enough.
When you exceed your quota, your current month will be billed according to your plan. However, the excess requests will be added to the following month and you will be charged according to the pricing agreed in your contract in the following month.
Yes. We will be notifying you for your consumption periodically via email. On top of that, we are identifying trends and if we determine that you will be exceeding your quota before the end of the month, we will notify you immediately.