Give users the ability to predict any result in any match

Long story short ...

Тhe Predictor feature will allow your users to predict various results in different matches. These results are then validated against the real-life match and the user is rewarded if their predictions are correct. Of course, you have a full set of reports as a business owner on how your users are doing. In addition to that, you can use the data from this feature to enhance the betting experience, if available, on your website.

Making predictions

Your users can make predictions on 20+ markets. Each successful prediction is rewarded with points. All predictions are of course available in the user's profile as well as a summary of their performance.
Predictions are a fun and easy way to gamify the experience on your website or app since the users can follow each other Instagram-style.

Match Summary

All predictions are summarized and available for you and your developers to use. 64% of predictions say that Manchester United will beat Woolves? 48% believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will score a goal in the match? These are powerful insights into the mindset of your users. And most importantly: they are all available real-time.


Ever wondered how many of your users' predictions are successful? Ever wondered what is that percent for the matches of Liverpool or on the 1X2 market at half-time? Well, wonder no more because this is just a fraction of the power our reports can provide.