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What are our features all about?

The three pillars: Entertainment, Insights & Monetization

We create features designed to captivate and entertain your users. Leveraging your users' activities, Fans United delivers comprehensive reports and insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and refine your strategy. Moreover, our features introduce new exciting opportunities for monetization.

Entertain Your Users​

Prediction Games

Top X

Users predict the correct scores of ‘X’ number of matches for a chance to win a big prize.

Match Quiz

Users predict multiple markets in a single match for a chance to win a prize.

Custom games

Clients can create any custom game based on predictions.

Loyalty system

Fans United provides a full-fledged loyalty system with points, tiers, success rates, badges, rankings and much more.

Private Leagues & 1v1 Challenges

Private Leagues and 1v1 Challenges empower your users to create exclusive, invite-only leagues where they can compete against friends, colleagues, or like-minded people. This feature enhances user engagement by promoting friendly competition and shared experiences within a closed community.


Interests & Activities

Interests Management

Users can select their favorite teams, players, and competitions. This allows you to tailor content to their preferences and deliver personalized experiences.


You can create a discussion for any content, game, event and so on and allow your users to communicate, thus fostering a sense of community, facilitating engagement, and encouraging meaningful interactions.

Player Ratings & Man of the Match

Allow your users to cast a vote on player performances in a particular match.

Trivia Games

You can create simple trivia games for your users, such as “What happened earlier?”, “Which is bigger?”, “Who has more?” and so on.

Activity service & External rewards

You can reward your users for activities (micro-engagments) happening outside Fans United. For instance, you can reward them with points for watching an entire video, checking in on a particular physical location, playing a game supplied by a different vendor and so on.

Notifications Support

Fans United provides out-of-the-box notification solution that works with your favourite provider.

insights & reports

Collect First-Party Data & Analyze Users

First-party data

Fans United allows you to collect first-party data. This ensures you have direct insights into user behaviors, freeing you from reliance on external platforms like Google or Facebook for user targeting. This independence empowers you to craft more personalized and relevant experiences for your audience.

Engagement Coefficients

We profile your users based on their behavior and engagement using the RFM model. You can then use this segmentation for communication or ads.


Fans United offers a range of insightful reports, covering user segmentation, activity analysis, and platform consumption.

New monetization opportunities

Proven Use-Cases

Exclusive sponsorship

You can sell exclusively, for a premium price, all Fans United functionality to a single client.

Sponsored games

Individual games can be sponsored, with the sponsor providing the prize.

New content

You can generate new content around Fans United games.

Third-party Integrations

Fans United plays well with others

We integrate with other platforms and services out there to create a better and more complete experience for you.


You have the flexibility to configure the Fans United webhook, receiving all platform-generated events. This empowers you to seamlessly create any necessary custom integrations to suit your needs.


Sportal365 is the world’s first headless sports content management system that lets media publishers, betting companies and sports rights holders manage sports data, news, images, videos, and live content from a single interface.

Data providers

We can collaborate with your preferred data provider, or alternatively, we're equipped to supply the data directly.

Authentication Providers

Fans United integrates seemlessly with Firebase Authentication, Amazon Cognito, Ringier Connect or any other OAuth2 powered authentication system.

Google Firebase

If you use Firebase you’d love to hear that Fans United seemlessly works with any Firebase integration.

Custom Integrations

At Fans United, we pride ourselves on adaptability. If you require an integration that's not on our list, we're here to make it happen.

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