Create meaningful engagements for your users

Using our developer kits, you can create great user journeys for your visitors and turn them into loyal users.

Always up-to-date

The platform is being updated each month and clients get instant access to new features.

Identity and Profile

The first set of features is designed for storing and managing your user base.


Fans United integrates seemlessly with Firebase Authentication (a free service provided by Google) out of the box or any other OAuth2 (OpenID Connect) based authenication system. Your users always stay users.

Profile and Interests

Users can follow teams, players, competitions and other users. All this information is accumulated in their profile. This allows you to provide your visitors with personalized content, features and ads.

GDPR Compliance

Fans United is, of course, GDPR compliant. As for your data, it is stored, in the heart of Europe – Brussels.

Engagement, Gamification and Retention

A set of features designed to engage your users. With these tools you will give your users reasons to return to your website or app.

Sports Data
Sports data is at the heart of our platform. Real-life matches and events are what drive engagements for end-users. Your users can predict outcomes, earn points and badges, compete in leaderboards and much more. All of this is being powered by a set of real-time sport APIs with data coming from your favourite data provider.
Prediction Games

Fans United supports a set of prediction games:

  • Тhe Predictor feature allows your users to predict various results in different matches.
    These results are then validated against the real-life match and the user is rewarded if their predictions are correct. Users also have success rates for their performance. For example, 67% overall success, 43% for AC Milan predictions, 84% for Bundesliga predictions and so on.
  • Top X is a game where users must predict a specified number of correct scores. You can create different editions of the game and specify rewards for each edition.
  • Match Quizzes allow users to predict different aspects of a match. How many goals or corners? Who will be the first goal scorer? Will there be a penalty or a red card? These and much more will hep you engage your users. Of course, you can create multiple match quizzes and specify rewards for each of them.
Activity Service

The Actitity Service is a feature created for micro-engagments. Likes, dislikes, comments written, pageviews made, content consumed, conversions and much more. Each “activity” the user makes comes with context (e.g. Manchester United, Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo). We then record this data and calculate engagement levels for each entity.


Allow your users to specify how they want to be notified and for what. For example, Real Madrid news to be received via email, while kick-off notifications for Arsenal to be received with a push notification.

Fans United works with your favourite notification providers.

Loyalty System

The loyalty system rewards users for their interactions with the platform by assigning points. Besides having a points tally, users are assigned into tiers, depending on their performance. They also earn badges for different accomplishments and compete in various rankings/leaderboards. Of course, all of this can be configured by the client.

Engagement Coefficients

Engagement coefficients are based on the marketing RFM model and allow you to split your users into different segments based on their recency, frequency or attention spent. This is done based on their overall interactions or activity connected to a particular entity (e.g. a team or a competition).

In turn, you can then say: “Give me all the users who used to frequently engage with Manchester United and spent a lot of attention, but have not engaged for the past 2 weeks.”

Reports and Insights

We have created a set of reports that give you an unparalleled insight into your user base and platform usage.

User Segmentation

You can see reports about your users based on basic demographics (age, gender, country) as well as their interests. You can see aquisition patterns and much more.

You can also get fan reports for specific teams, competitions or players. Again, this is broken down by demographic, which means that you can see that the fans of Barcelona are X% women, Y% men, where are they from and so on.

Activity Based Reports

The activity reports are based on the features used in the platform. How many users played this game or that game? What is the success rate for predictions on this market? All questions you now know the answer to.

Platform Consumption

Fans United is completely transparent about requests to made to our platform. The reports are coming directly from Cloudflare (our CDN) and you can see things like: which APIs were accessed the most, numer of requests, status codes for the requests and so on.

Third-party Integrations

Fans United plays well with others. We integrate with other platforms and services out there to create a better and more complete experience for you.

Fireabse Integrations

If you use Firebase you’d love to hear that Fans United seemlessly works with any Firebase integration.

Sports Data Providers

Currently, Fans United is integrated with Enetpulse, but we are working on  integrations with Sportradar and StatsPerform data. In time we will add other data providers as well.

Sportal365 CMS

Fans United integrates seemlessly with the world’s first headless sports content management system – Sportal365.

You are able to create games directly in the CMS, use your Sportal365 data and much more.

Authentication Providers

Fans United integrates seemlessly with Ringier Connect and any other OAuth2 powered authentication system.


We are excited to share with you the cool things we are working on.