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Discover real-world examples of how Fans United has empowered organizations to revolutionize fan engagement, boost user loyalty, and drive tangible results. Explore our case studies to learn how our innovative solutions have made a significant impact across various industries.

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Discover How Fans United Elevated Fan Engagement for Leading Brands

Explore a selection of case studies to uncover the transformational impact Fans United has had on fan engagement for a variety of leading brands.

Bulgaria's #1

Sponsorship with Carlsberg

Following the integration of Fans United, successfully established a sponsorship agreement with the renowned global beer brand, Carlsberg. This strategic collaboration, aptly named The House of Fans, not only featured prominent branding but also encompassed the sponsorship of Match Quizzes for Liverpool’s matches, where Carlsberg provides Liverpool-themed prizes.

Great Engagement

After the launch, witnessed significant user engagement. Out of all registered users, 65% have made at least one prediction, with an impressive 18% making more than 50 predictions. In fact, nearly one in five users is a frequent and committed participant. Additionally, 59% of users have taken part in at least one Match Quiz or Top X game, while 18% have engaged in five or more of these interactive experiences.

Slovakia's #1 forged an exclusive partnership with the nation's premier betting operator, Nike. This landmark collaboration grants Nike exclusive branding rights across all Fans United features, ensuring that no other bookmaker or business can advertise within these engaging functionalities. This strategic alliance brings a unique and immersive experience to users, underpinned by a premium investment by Nike.

Romania's #1 successfully secured sponsorship from the leading betting operator in the country, Superbet. As part of this sponsorship, a substantial prize of 75,000 EUR was offered to users. The prize was insured by GSP and Superbet, shielding them from any financial obligation should a user win the big prize.

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