Profile part 7: My Top X performance

In this article you will learn how to think about the Top X game from the perspective of the user.

General description

Top X is an edition based game, where a member of the client’s staff selects X number of matches for users to guess the correct score. If the score is guessed for all matches, the user wins a big prize.

If no user however succeeds, the client can decide to give out consolation prizes to the best performers. Each game and edition will have it’s own page with leaderboards and results, but users must still have a place/screen where they can check how they have done in the editions so far.

The user should see an infinite scroll with all editions they have participated in starting with the newest. For each edition, there should be an overall result (success or failure), as well as breakdown for each match. The points earned for each edition should also be visible.

Consider, for failed or partially successful predictions to show the actual score.

User stories

As a user, I want to be able to see my performance in the different Top X editions I have participated in

Acceptance criteria:

  • For each edition I need to see the overall success
  • For each edition I need to see the name and time-frame
  • For each edition I need to see all the matches and my success in them
    • Failed
    • Partial – guessed the outcome, but did not correct score
    • Successful – guessed the correct score
  • For each edition I need to see my tie-breaker (minute of first goal)
  • For each edition I need to see the points I have earned

Design examples

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