Profile part 6: My content

In this article you will learn how to think about the users’ content and what is the best way to display that.

General description

If you have your own content (articles, galleries, videos, images, etc) and this content is tagged with statistical entities such as football teams, players or competitions, you can easily utilize this to display custom feed for each of your users, tailored to their interests.

This feed can be used in other pages as well (besides inside the user’s profile) such as the home page for example.

We recommend you mark why each article appears in that feed. For instance, a tag underneath it with the name of the entity (e.g. Manchester United).

User stories

As a user, I want to see a feed of content tailored to me and my interests.

Acceptance criteria:

  • An infinite scroll of content (articles, galleries, images, videos, etc) based on the interests in the user’s profile
  • Under each piece of content, there should be a label with the related interest

Design examples

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