Profile part 3: My interests

In this article you will learn how to think about the users’ interests and what are the best practices for managing them.

General description

Fans United recommends having a separate screen that displays a user’s interests.

The interests themselves should be split by type (teams, players, competitions) in such a way that it allows expansion in the future. For instance, tabs would be appropriate when we have 3 types of interests like football teams, players and competitions. However, as we add additional sports and each sport has 3 sub-types, tabs will become very inappropriate fast. In this case, a UI like accordion will be more suitable.

Additionally, the UI should allow easy editing of the lists, ideally with only a click or a drag.

The following stories are written in the perspective of a user seeing their own interests screen. When a user sees someone else’s profile, the screen should be the same but all the editing controls should be removed.

User stories

As a user, I want to be able to see and manage my interests in a convenient, user-friendly way.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Interests are split by types
  • I can follow & favorite interests
  • I can reorder my interests
  • I can remove an interest
  • I can search for new interests
  • I can select an interest from a list of suggestions

Design examples

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