Profile part 1: Registration, Login, Forgotten password

In this article you will learn how to think about the different authentication flows and how the integration with Fans United works. You will also learn what is the best way to ask users to complete their profiles.

General description

The authentication logic is separated from the platform integration. This means that you can use any of the supported authentication service providers to build any type of registration, login and forgotten password workflow.

Let’s take Firebase Authentication for example. Fans United works out of the box with this provider. You can read the integration documentation and afterwards implement any workflow you like.

What Fans United expects is a JWT from a supported provider. How you acquire this token is up to you. You expose this token programmatically (you implement a Fans United SDK interface) and then the SDK is responsible for using the tokens accordingly.

That being said, after the user completes the registration, they need to complete their profile (add interests and personal info). Ideally, this should be a few separate steps, not 1 huge registration form. We recommend, using a wizard being launched once after the registration is complete. Another way is to partially complete the profile by asking the user to add single interests to their profile. These can have different designs and be placed in different places on the website/app.

The stories below will focus on the profile completion, after the initial registration, and not the different authentication workflows.

User stories

As a user, I want an easy and convenient way to complete my profile after registration, so that I can take full advantage of all features.

Acceptance criteria

  • I need to have the ability to skip a step or the process entirely and finish later
  • I need to have the ability to follow & to mark entities as favorites
  • I need to be suggested entities (players, teams, competitions)
  • I need to have the ability to search for an entity

As a product manager integrating Fans United, I want an easy, unobstructive way that gives users the ability to partially complete their profile with single actions.

Acceptance criteria

  • I need to have different places and designs spread throughout the website/app that allow users to add single interests to their profile.
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