A Fan Engagement and Gamification Platform for Sports

We provide you with tools that entertain your users, give you insights into their habits and behaviour and unleash new monetization opportunities.

Who is it for?

We have built it for you and your sports business

Our engagement and gamification platform is built with sports publishers and services in mind.

know your users

Sports Media and Apps

Keep you users engaged beyond the match-day coverage. Use contextually relevant data and games to increase your conversions while entertaining your users.

improve conversions

Betting companies & Affiliates

Unlock valuable insights into your users' behavior. Engage them with free-to-play games and convert those engagements into paying customers.

Engage with fans

Sports Clubs & Federations

With Fans United, sports clubs and federations have a powerful tool to captivate fans through team-centric activities, games, and interactions. It's the modern way to foster a deeper connection with your loyal supporters.

feature rich

A robust feature-rich platform, built with sports publishers in mind

Fans United provides you with all the tools you will ever need to create a compelling user experience.

Prediction Games

A selection of free-to-play prediction games that will have your users competing for prizes and against each other.

Loyalty System

Your users can accumulate points, earn badges, and progress through tiers, making fan engagement both rewarding and exciting.

User Profiling

Our user profiling will empower you to make data-informed decisions, delivering personalized content and precisely targeted engagement.

Notifications & Webhook

Stay informed and engage your audience in real-time with our Notifications & Webhook feature, ensuring timely updates and interactive experiences.

New Monetization Opportunities

Unlock fresh revenue streams through exclusive sponsorships and targeted messaging, all the while entertaining your users and boosting your bottom line.

Reports & Insights

Gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences and behaviors, enabling personalized experiences and targeted engagement.

[...] Our collaboration with Fans United has not just been fruitful – it's been a game-changer.

Stilian Shishkov
Founder and CEO of Sportal Media Group
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sports fans are some of the most demanding and passionate consumers. Their passion for the team and athletes they support translates into desire for participation. With the Fans United platform, you can make your users part of the action.

An API-first, cloud based, headless solution for user engagement, built with sports publishers and services in mind.

First it was mobile phones, then watch interfaces, now it is Voice assisted interfaces. As new device categories and content delivery formats emerge, sports publishers find it hard to keep pace. Fans United gives you full flexibility to connect with consumers on any devices and to take full control of our brand identity and product layouts.

Huge IT development cost savings – in the race to achieve the best user experience the IT costs for every leading sports media increase every year. With our model, we give you the ability to completely control the IT costs by working on a flat fee monthly license fee.

The platform is being updated each month and clients get instant access to new features.

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